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Society of Botanical Artists - Plantae 22 and 23

Last year I was fortunate enough to exhibit as part of the Society of Botanical Artists’ annual exhibition, Plantae, at the Mall Galleries in London. I exhibited four of my Macro-landscape drawings and Dwindling, my first large scale painting.

Dwindling was exhibited in Holt for the Holt festival the previous summer, but this was the first time I was exhibiting these kinds of drawings to a professional botanical audience. So it was a very nerve wracking experience, and I thought it was a long-shot just applying. But they were a huge success and I ended up winning the Making A Mark award from Katherine Tyrrell!

This has now inspired an entire series. My macro-landscapes are now the main body of my practice and I have thrown myself not only into the art side of botany and ecology, but the scientific side too. Here we go again, art AND science… It wouldn’t be without it.

Plantae 2023 opened last night, and on the lead up to the opening, Katherine Tyrrell published the interview I did with her about my practice. If you’d like to read it you can follow the link here:

30x29.5cm pencil drawing, Available for purchase

I was really pleased to make it down for the exhibition again this year, where I exhibited one of my latest macro-landscape drawings, ‘Holdfast’.

The exhibition runs from the 16th-20th May at the Mall Galleries, London. It is well worth a visit to see the array of incredible works on display.


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