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This body of work has really taken off since the beginning of 2022. It explores the entangled position we are in with the natural world. Western notions have conditioned us to understand the world round us as an "it", something other, something without agency, something for us to buy, sell, and control. 

I am a research based artist, and I am using everything I have learnt from medicine, surgery, anatomy, botany and science, with anthropological theories, to better try and understand and draw inspiration from different cultures and their understanding and relationship with the living world around them.  

These paintings and drawings will attempt to convey this research. 

Oil on board
90 x 60cm (100 x 70cm framed)


Exhibited at:

Holt festival 2022

John Byrne Award 2023


Winner of "November" John Byrne Award 

Top 3 Annual awards for John Byrne Award

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Oil on board
90 x 90cm


Exhibited at:

Aberdeen Art Society Annual Exhibition 2022

“Entanglement” is a visual representation of the entangled lives we, the human species, lead with the natural world.


We depend on the natural world, our earth, like a foetus depends on its mother. This notion of mother earth made me want to produce a painting evocative of a cross-section of the planet we live on, while also being reminiscent of the renaissance anatomical drawings of foetus' in wombs.

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