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REGISTERED! We're now a CIC!

My little Nature Collective which I founded last year celebrating artists that have a passion nature, has blossomed into a vibrant Community Interest Company the Art and Nature Collective.

The Collective is dedicated to fostering creativity and conservation. Our mission is simple: to provide artists at all stages of their careers with invaluable professional opportunities while nurturing a deep appreciation for the natural world. These initiatives include workshops, collaborations, research opportunities, exhibitions, and mentorship programs. Through this I hope the Collective can empower artists to explore, express, and elevate their craft in harmony with the natural world.

Central to our ethos is the belief that art has the power to inspire change and amplify voices for conservation. We are better when we work together. I have spent the last few months forging partnerships with esteemed organizations such as RSPB Scotland, Eden Project, Scottish Refugee Council, The Riverside Nature Park, Dundee Naturalists, British Bryophyte Society, and British Lichenological Society, among others, who have agreed to become partnered organisations with the Collective. Through this we amplify our impact and reach. These collaborations enable us to create meaningful experiences that engage communities, raise awareness of environmental issues, and celebrate the beauty of the natural world through the lens of art.

As we continue to grow and evolve, our commitment to supporting artists and protecting the planet is central. Together, I hope the Collective, through our artists and organisations, will continue to cultivate a global community of creatives who share our passion for art, nature, and positive change.


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