Inês-Hermione Mulford is a 27-year-old artist living and working in Edinburgh, Scotland. A graduate of both painting and social anthropology, she is Bachelor in the Arts and a Master of Science. 

"I have just completed a residency as Project Artist for the Royal College of Surgeons' new exhibit ‘Body Voyager’, which opens at the Surgeon’s Hall Museum in September 2021. The paintings explored the human, robot, patient relationship.


During this time I was able to view the body in a way few have ever seen it before, on a macro level through the Da Vinci Robot. This opened up new ways of understanding the body and a new way of viewing the world around me. I am currently working on a series of paintings alongside my surgical practice that explore both the macro world inside of our bodies and that of the mosses and lichens that are in such abundance in Scotland.  

I am at my best and most inspired working in collaboration with others and especially those of different disciplines. Originating from a desire for realism in my paintings and a love for anatomy and understanding the complexities of the body to better draw it, my work has travelled down many routes, such as painting the human form and the natural world, portraiture and still life; all developing my technical ability."