Inês-Hermione Mulford is a 28-year-old artist living and working in Edinburgh, Scotland. A graduate of both painting and social anthropology, she is Bachelor in the Arts and a Master of Science. 

"I recently completed a residency as Project Artist for the Royal College of Surgeons' new exhibit ‘Body Voyager’, where i was brought on to explore through paint the human, robot, patient relationship.


During this time I was able to view the body in a way few have ever seen it before, on a macro level through the Da Vinci Robot. This opened up new ways of understanding the body and a new way of viewing the world around me, inspiring a new body of work exploring the macro world inside of our bodies and that of the mosses and lichens that are in such abundance across the UK.  

I am at my best and most inspired working in collaboration with others and especially those of different disciplines. Current projects include working with pioneering cancer diagnosis using Ai in Dublin and a another with Breast Cancer Now, based in London.