Works In Progress

The Royal College of


I am currently working alongside the Royal College of Surgeons and the Surgeon’s Hall Museum as their Project Artist, developing paintings for their upcoming exhibition Body Voyager, which will be exploring the future of surgery, specifically robotic surgery. 


Over the next few months I will be creating three paintings that explore different themes around Robotic Surgery that have come to my attention during research. 

They are: 


The robot as extension of the Surgeon. A lot of hesitation around robotic surgery is the misunderstanding that the robot replaces the surgeon which is not the case at all. Just like the Scalpel or Forceps, the robot is just an additional tool opening up possibilities of minimally invasive procedures. Therefore, the robot becomes the extension of the surgeon, who is still the one in control. One of my paintings will attempt to capture this, as you can see in one of my early exploratory paintings. 


The Surgeon Person. Need to bring back the individual the person, of the surgeon. Their role is a catalyst of activity. Therefore it is important to show their view, their line of sight. Ideally my painting on this theme will show the viewer what is happening through the surgeon’s eyes, potentially using one of my recurring themes (because I love the technical challenge and the effect), using reflections in glasses or equipment.


The Patient at center, trying to get a holistic view of the theater. Imagine the patient is the sun in a solar system, the surgeons, nurses, anesthetists, all the planets, orbiting this human, who in that moment becomes the center of everything. My aim is to have one of the paintings reflect this hive of activity, all these people, all these components, like watch (I’m using all the metaphors!), that cannot work without all the parts. I hope this piece can reflect this team, and at their center, the patient. 


Surgical Still Life with Robotics. I am hoping that if everything with Covid lifts in time, that I can gain access to the hospital and the college to explore and document what makes up a robotics surgical table. Much like my Surgical Still Life (2016), the researcher in me would love to explore and show to an audience how even within four years the standard surgical table has changed for various operations. What equipment has become obsolete for certain procedures? What is new?

Personal Projects

My personal projects and paintings are all spin off explorations of what I’m doing at the time with regards to surgical, medical, or scientific organisations I work with. I like to explore themes such as light and shadow, and chiaroscuro in the completion of these paintings.


My personal paintings are passion projects, I do them because I’m inspired, and all I want to do it paint what I’m thinking. These paintings I feel are always my best, and I’m lucky to find myself in a position where I can do what I love.

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