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Inês-Hermione Mulford Biography

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Inês-Hermione is a graduate from Edinburgh College of Art and a figurative painter, living and working in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Stemming from an interest in the old masters and the classical technicality of painting, Inês-Hermione is inspired by the challenge of recreating in paint something that looks tangible. She has cultivated a realist approach, exploring both still-life and the anatomically correct figure. To further develop her observation and skill in painting, she underwent an anatomy elective in her third year which sparked significant curiosity in art and medicine.

Consequently, Inês-Hermione concluded her four years of study with a self-written project exploring the art and craft of Surgical practice. As an anthropologically based project, Inês-Hermione underwent fieldwork, shadowing surgeons both in and out of surgery. Inspired by the surgeons, she wanted her paintings to reflect the exceedingly complex and highly controlled nature of their work; thus completing a series of highly detailed, realistic paintings exploring the different aspects of her experience in the surgical theatre.

Included in these were Steady Hands, later purchased by the Edinburgh Collections, and Surgical Still Life, which was selected by the Federation of British Artists for the ‘Futures’ 2017 exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London. This annual exhibition showcases the best in new contemporary figurative painting, drawing, sculpture and printmaking, by the latest outstanding art graduates. From here, she went on to win the Jackson’s ‘One to Watch’ people’s prize.

Inspired by the research led project, Inês-Hermione continued her studies and went on to complete a master’s degree in Social Anthropology at the University of Edinburgh, graduating with a distinction in 2018.

Inês-Hermione’s work continues to develop and change, with her recent work revisiting old subject matter, the figure. Prompted by her further studies in anthropology, her recent series of paintings re-evaluated the figure, exploring the human form as something both solid and shifting.

Inês-Hermione’s work continues to inspire admiration from viewers, her use of chiaroscuro connects her work both past and present, while harking back to the influences of the old masters. Whether it be surgery, still life, or the human form, Inês-Hermione’s use of chiaroscuro focuses the viewer away from any unnecessary details, making her paintings purposeful, guiding the viewer and revealing a series of fragmented, transitory moments collected and suspended through paint.

Inês-Hermione continues to explore still life, which she says is essential in maintaining her observation and skill in painting, but her primary focus at present is in her placement as Artist in Residence at the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. Where she is working alongside the staff at the Surgeon’s Hall Museum in the production of paintings for their new permanent exhibit ‘Body Voyager’ opening in March 2021. This new series of paintings draw on her experience both in art and anthropology by exploring the patient, surgeon, robot relationship within this form of pioneering surgery.


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