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I have been looking recently at worlds within worlds. Those we can't
easily see but are playing a part, as we do, in the functioning of the
world we live in. I am enthralled by the natural world and particularly
the smaller things. Ones that are often overlooked. I have found myself
drawn to mosses and the microscopic life that is in and around these
fascinating tiny plants. A carpet of moss is like a forest in miniature;
a thriving habitat. The role of mosses, particularly sphagnum, in
storage of both water and carbon is huge. Mosses help fight air
pollution, colonise bare ground paving the way for other plants to grow
and can reduce the risk and severity of flooding. They are also very
beautiful and varied when you look closely.

Perhaps we can pay closer attention to things in front of us to help
gain a deeper connection to the world around us, and perhaps this will
result in an increased empathy with the non-human.


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