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We can no longer think of nature as being “Other”.


Almost everyone has been touched by sickness in their lives. Whether a friend, family member, or even ourselves, we have all felt that gut-punching-helplessness when a diagnosis is spoken out loud. Every fibre of your being wants nothing more than to fix it, to do everything you can to fight. You’d do anything if it meant saving that person.

So why, when faced with the climate crisis, does it feel like many sit idle, condemning the world as we know it to die?

From a background in science, ecology and social anthropology my artistic practice explores human and environmental health. Rather than two separate threads these two are so entangled one cannot be without the other.

Working primarily in oil paint, I build on my experience in realist painting to create surrealist images exploring our connection with the natural world. While also humanising science.

Through my practice I hope to challenge the dichotomy our western culture seems to have fallen into. Because if we could see the natural world as being an extension of ourselves, would we not fight harder to save it?


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