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Visual Artist/Researcher with a collaborative practice. Art therapist

Interests : Process, Materiality, Time, Psychoterratic States and the language of Climate Change and Loss of Biodiversity


Graduate of St Martins, London

 My practice is research-focussed with material culture, history and the narratives within. I look to make artworks that are process led and that values embodied and situated learning. Underpinning my practice is a belief in the need to explore old and new ways of seeing and being in the world at this time of climate breakdown and biodiversity loss


I have been involved in a range of inter-disciplinary research projects collaborating with art therapists, artists, astronomers, geneticists, and social scientists. 

I work with a variety of materials and processes from my studio in moderately rural Fife.

I am a council member of the SSA and exhibit regularly.

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