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The Body Voyager 

Surgeons Hall Museum 


Opening September 11th 2021. 

The Body Voyager exhibition is a new permanent wing of the Surgeon's Hall Museum, Edinburgh. 

I underwent a residency with the museum as Project Artist, to produce original paintings exploring the surgeon, patient, robot relationship within robotic surgery for exhibition.

Opening 11/09/21

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HOLT festival 

In it's 13th year, the Holt Festival returns to Holt with the John Hurt Art Prize and Sworders prize celebrating the arts. 

'Dwindling' was exhibited alongside a variety of other works. 


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Untitled South 


Untitled South, a quirky venue in Edinburgh, invited me to display my artwork during the evenings from December to February.

This opportunity was unique and valuable, allowing me to connect with the local community and engaging more people with my work.



Whitespace Gallery


The FLUX exhibition, a well-known London based platform for talented artists, discovers artists across the country to showcase their work. They held an exhibition in Edinburgh which I displayed my work in.  


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Drawing on Drawing

Edinburgh College of Art

The ‘Drawing on Drawing’ Exhibition aims to display the range of approaches to drawing within the School of Art.


My work contributed to this exhibition and drawing remains integral to my practise.



TALP open

The Artist and Illustrators, and Leisure Painter magazines, in tangent with Patchings Art.


'Sculptors at Work' was chosen for the exhibition.  



Mortal Essence

Mortal Essence is an all female, UK Art Exhibition that explores the intrinsic values of nature within life & death.

The exhibition is both a reflection of ourselves & the life cycle, opening up discussions that push us beyond our boundaries, to better accept the intrinsic nature of our essence both in life & death.


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Federation of British Artists 'Futures' 2017

Mall Galleries


The paintings displayed at my final degree show for my undergraduate were shortlisted for the 'British Artists' Futures' exhibit, where the top 25 graduates were selected from across the United Kingdom and displayed at the Mall Galleries in London. 


I was awarded the Jackson’s ‘One to Watch’ prize, a public vote following Federation of British Artists’ Futures exhibit at the Mall Galleries.


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Asbestos Rest Stop 

Edinburgh College of Art

The Fourth Year painting show was an opportunity to show my work to a new audience, providing both a deadline and a brief to work to. 


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Hatch Exhibition

The Caves


The first exhibition of my surgical work where I exhibited four paintings on each side of a plinth. To engage the viewer in the experience of surgery, the photos were installed at 1m30, so people had to crouch to the level that the Surgery took place to see them. 


This aimed to bridge the gap between painting and installation art, as viewers had to move to gain full comprehension of what was being shown.



FBA Figurative Art Now

 'Flesh 3' was selected to be featured alongside works by elected members of the FBA, prize-winners, regular exhibitors, FBA Futures alumni and artists new to Mall Galleries. The online exhibition of almost 400 works explores the breadth of representational painting, drawing, sculpture, and printmaking in the UK today.  



The Impulse Movement presents 


With the Covid-19 pandemic provoking various unsettling anxieties surrounding, healthcare, isolation and mental health the artists in The Impulse Movement’s first exhibition ‘Unmasked’ will be exploring themes and concepts linked with these unprecedented times. The three paintings in the 'Green Glove series' were exhibited

Group exhibition available at:


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ECA Degree Show 

Edinburgh College of Art

The Edinburgh College of Art degree show exhibited the final pieces of all graduates. 


Through my dissertation 'the Surgeon as Artist' and accompanying series of paintings of medical procedures, I investigated the divisions between the disciplines of Art and Science. 


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Astaire Art Prize Exhibition

Edinburgh College of Art

The Astaire Art Exhibition, founded by Mark Astaire, a former University of Edinburgh graduate, provides artists at the ECA to showcase their work.


My piece ‘Steady Hands’ was exhibited and won the ‘Runner Up’ Astaire award.